Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - Meet and Greet

Greetings, Class Community.

As a class, we are reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.  There are a number of characters in the book that we will explore.  We will be considering the ways these characters interact with one another and their symbolism in a larger dialogue about Black women and beauty in American culture.  

Please describe 2 or more of the following characters when you reply to this post using 4 sentences or less.  Consider the following about each character. 

1. Her relationship to the other characters, particularly the protagonist Pecola Breedlove.
2. Her physical characteristics.
3. Her thoughts and actions.

List of Characters

Narrator, Claudia MacTeer
Frieda MacTeer
Mrs. MacTeer
Rosemary Villanucci
Pecola Breedlove
Maureen Peal
Pauline (Polly) Breedlove
Miss Marie

REMEMBER:  Please use 4 sentences or less in your descriptions.  Please use a separate comment post for each character.

Yours truly,

Dr. Hill 


  1. Pauline Breedlove is the mother of Pecola Breedlove and seems indifferent to her daughter. She has been described as having one lame foot, small eyes and not very pretty. Her actions toward her husband are very abusive, she throws water on him and hits him.

  2. Miss Marie lives upstairs in Pecola's housing, she is kind of like a friend to Pecola. She is described as being a bigger woman. Miss Marie is content with her life you can see this by the way she tells the stories of the past lovers that she use to have.

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  5. Maureen Peal is described as high yellow, with long brown hair (down her back) and green eyes. Everybody at school liked her, Black and White, boys and girls, and all of the teachers. People thought she was rich because of the clothes she wore and how she acted. For some reason Maureen really took to Pecola and was nice to her.

  6. Pecola Breedlove was said to be considered "ugly"; she has small eyes, a narrow forehead, crooked nose, thick eye brows, high cheek bones and big (shapley) lips. She drank milk and admired Shirley Temple because she wanted to be White with blue eyes. Pecola seemed very quiet, just going with the flow, most likely because of her family issues.

  7. Claudia MacTeer is younger than the characters Frieda and Pecola, whom she is around the most. She questions beauty, unlike most adults and other people, according to her. She destroys her blonde-haired blue eyed dolls because of her questions about beauty. She is sassy, always has something to say, and just looks at the world differently.

  8. Rosemary is white and has curly hair. Seen as the pretty girl. Next door neighbors of Frieda and Claudia. Peccola got beat because Rosemary thought the girls were in doing something inappropriate and the girls were helping Peccola because she started her period. She tries to get the girls in trouble, she annoys them and teases them for being black.

  9. Miss Marie another one of the prostitutes that live upstairs from the MacTeer’s and she has curly hair. Talked about how her aunt was mad that she slept with a boy w/o getting any money. Along with the other pro’s she hated men. They 3 ladies seem to like Peccola because they put up with her and allow her to keep coming back.