Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mekhatansh K McGuire presents at NCUR 2014

Sat 9:00-9:20 The White Hall 205 - The University of Kentucky

Mekhatansh K. McGuire - African American and Africana Studies Minor, University of Kentucky

This oral presentation will be exploring how women rappers appropriate tenets of hegemonic masculinity centering around the necessity to possess a high sexual prowess to legitimize and solidify the desired dominant position within the male-centered framework of hip hop. By using the contemporary artist Shystie and the more classic artist Foxy Brown; I come to conclusions about themes of resistance, dominance, black feminism and racism within the lyrical content of each artist. This sexual domination has a layer that seeks power and supremacy through one’s sexual prowess exposing a superficial testament to the power of a vagina which can be seen as empowering or pro-woman with residue from cultural feminism. But if you look deeper , what is revealed is a belief that a woman’s power rests solely in the her sexual prowess because without her ability to please or attach herself to a man she has nothing in this society that is rooted in a white supremacist, racist, sexist, patriarchal framework. In examining each of these women, I will show the nuanced relationship that Black women have with problematic cultural fixtures as well as how they negotiate success within the specific hegemonic masculine framework of mainstream hip hop as a means of creating scholarship that is in direct conversation with the culture that creates the need for these problematic appropriation.

Sat 9:00-9:20 The White Hall 205 - The University of Kentucky

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