Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sara Baartman Connections

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We are continuing our discussion about the influence of Sara Baartman on popular culture, inclusive of sociology, psychology, and family interactions.

Please identify one photo (electronic or print) of Sara Baartman and then identify three photos of Baartman-like women that were produced in the 20th/21st Century, 1900-Present.

You may want these photos to be reflective to your research project ideas. Be able to tell me why the photo has Baartman's connotations or likenesses. Be able to say why the photo is relevant to research. 

Please post links and explanations regarding the photos in the comments portion of this post. 


  1. Image of Sara Baartman:

    3 Sara Baartman like women:
    Nicki Minaj:
    Joseline from Love and Hip Hop:

  2. I chose these photos of all 3 women because I felt that they had Baartman's likenesses in the fact they they all three use their bodies as platforms to project themselves into the media or popular culture. They all have similar body types that are reflective of the modern day Sara Baartman because of the emphasis their butts or the illusion that they have big butts. These photos are relative to my study on the media's representation of Black women and it's affects on black girl's beauty perception because only having sexualized views of black women play a role on how a black girl will view not only her perception of what is deemed beautiful but how conforming into this sexualized images will get her approval socially.